1. Foot, Shin & Knee
  2. Achilles Tendonitis
  3. Lower Back & Hip
  4. Plantar Fasciitis
  5. Callous & Bunion
  6. Foot & Knee Arthritis
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Why Choose Us?

Ultimately you want reasons why to choose us for your foot health and orthotic needs. You want to know that you will get the results, not waste your precious time, money and effort when you come to see us.

Guaranteed Results

Very simple. If we can’t help you we let you know up front, we won’t waste your time, money and effort and we will let you know after our initial discussion and examination.

Comfortable Fitting Orthotics

We use the latest soft computerised orthotics designed to fit into footwear we recommend. We guarantee a comfortable fit.

Orthotic Result Guarantee

We are confident in the results and orthotics we give you. Very, very rarely do orthotics not work. If your orthotics don’t do what we recommend and advise, and you have followed our instructions to the letter, we will refund your out of pocket expenses on your orthotics.

Some other reasons why you should choose us...

  • You get the latest technology in foot and gait assessment and diagnosis.
  • You get the latest technology in computerised “COMFORT” customised orthotics.
  • You get access to the latest arthritis sufferers “LATEX” orthotic. The best in comfort and support.
  • You get access to Brisbane’s first Free Step Gait and Running Lab.
  • We have developed a treatment system that provides 91% of people with pain relief.
  • Ben Sibley is a self published author with an international selling ebook Plantar Fasciitis Secrets.
  • You get a foot massage after each general foot treatment.
  • 22 years Podiatry experience.
  • You can book online and choose your own appointment times.
  • Our clinics have onsite parking.

Problems We Treat

With 3D Orthotics and Comfort Shoes

  • Heel Pain
  • Plantar Fascitiis
  • Heel Spurs
  • Ball of Foot Pain
  • Tired and Aching Feet
  • Ankle Pain
  • Ankle Arthritis
  • Sore Feet
  • Flat Feet
  • High Arches
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Shin Splints or Shin Pain
  • Exercise Induced Leg Pain
  • Bunions
  • Callouses on Feet
  • Knee Arthritis
  • Arthritis of the Feet
  • Achilles Tendonitis (Back of Ankle)

Consequences of Putting Up With Foot Pain and Posture Problems

Finding quick and easy solutions for foot problems comes down to this…

The longer you leave the problem the more ingrained it becomes in your life, the more difficult to change and relieve pains associated with it!

Long term effects of not treating foot problems leads to problems such as…

  • Deformity and agonising pains of the feet
  • Body posture problems that affect the ankles, legs, knees, hips and backs and cause pain
  • Premature crippling arthritis development
  • Restriction in your level of mobility
  • Risk to employment particularly if you are on your feet
  • Reducing the amount of activity due to pain
  • Decrease in fitness
  • Increase in weight
  • Not able to do the activities that you love to do

Stop Putting Up With Pain And Discomfort

Grab your Getting Started kit today!

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How We Fix Your Problem - The Steps

1 Foot Posture Correction Using 3D Custom Orthotics (3D Custom Orthotics)

  1. Gait and Posture Assessment
  2. Diagnosis and Report of Findings
  3. 3D Orthotic Design and Fitting
  4. Footwear

2 Your Comfort Shoes – To Make Your Feet Feel Great

Choose a range of footwear from cushioned runners, casual, work and orthotic thongs that help give you and aid in relief of your foot problems. (Use the your comfort shoe foot logo- I think I sent that as vector file)

3 Relax Your Tired and Aching and Painful Muscles, Injuries and Arthritis

Numerous other therapies assist you to relieve your pain and symptoms and get your feet back into healthy condition. Acupuncture, Massage, Stretch are all important part of returning your feet and posture back to better health.

4 Quick and Easy Pain Relief Strategies to Relieve Pain ASAP!

Sometimes you need quick strategies to relieve pain and get you back on your feet. ICE & Heat/ICE, NSAIDs – Non- steroidal anti-inflammatory medications, Cutomised Nutritional programs that supports the body in healing itself and supplements that support nd strengthen your body and feet all play a critical role.

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Learn The 7 Secrets Foot Pain Relief In Our Free eBook

Why We Guarantee Your Custom 3D Orthotics

You are about to invest your valuable time, effort and money into taking the best care for your feet. I am certain that at Your Podiatrist Brisbane we are the only podiatry business that formally offers a Three Step Guarantee.

This ultimately is designed to protect you and your investment in your foot health.

After 22 years of prescribing orthotics, relieving foot, leg, knee and hip pain we rarely make mistakes, though sometimes it happens. This is the reason why we have our ‘Three Step Guarantee’, to give you peace of mind and a risk free investment in your foot health and foot pain relief.

Foot orthotics Dynamic analysis

Who We Treat

Our ideal client

I think you would agree, not every business is suited to every client. Our ideal clients are active women, partners and their families who like to keep fit and healthy.

Why just active women and their families?

We see women as the hub of our community, working together to keep the family unit together and functioning. They are what make families work and we are about families. As a central part of our community having happy and healthy feet and body posture is crucial for them to achieve this.

Who we do treat

  • Women with foot, leg, knee, hip or back pain.
  • Mums and grandmothers who want better foot health and need foot pain relief.
  • Walkers, runners, fitness and gym attendees who want better health solutions for their feet and posture.
  • People who visit chiropractors and have foot pain.
  • Baby Boomers (men and women) with foot pain, heel pain and leg pain, knee pain and lower back pain.
  • Business and professional women who want to keep their feet and bodies healthy.
  • Triathletes, marathon runners even those women who like to just get out and run.

Why we don’t do bulk billing

While Medicare helps supports those who are in need and can’t afford podiatry we find there are clinics available who do Medicare servicing very well. We accept Medicare and Enhanced Primary Care Program, though there will be a gap to pay for your consultation. The gap may be up to $35 per service.

Who we don’t treat

If you’re looking for discounted cheap services… then we are not the business for you. If you’re looking for a podiatry business that keeps up to date with technology for orthotics, foot supports and footwear then we are the clinic for you.

Getting Started – Before Your First Visit

  • Read Book – 7 Secrets Foot Pain Relief
  • Go To Your Comfort Shoes and have a look at the casual styling of orthotic footwear you may need to get and the style of runners you may be interested in.
  • Check email $20 off footwear with 3D Custom Orthotics Purchase
  • Check email for Postage voucher to Your Comfort Shoes Website
  • Check email have your Complimentary 3D Optical Foot Scan

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About Ben Sibley

Ben sibley

Ben Sibley

Ben Sibley has 22 years as a practising Podiatrist and has owned multiple businesses in the health field.

He is the author of international book "Plantar Fasciitis Secrets" that shows people how to treat Plantar Fasciitis easily and successfully.

I’m often asked… “Why and how did you get into feet, of all things?”

And I’ll often put on my storyteller hat and say… you see it goes something like this…

Once upon a time…

As a young child and teenager I had suffered many foot problems such as growing pains that lasted from the age of 7 until I was 15. I loved to play sport pure and simple. I played so much sport in fact that by 15 I had suffered really painful shin splints and lower back injuries that prevented me from pursuing my passion… fast bowling in cricket. At 15 my body wasn’t happy. I visited many health professionals and was told I needed rest and would grow out of the problems. What I realised later on that a lot of these practitioners didn’t have experience in specific problems of feet and their effects on the rest of the body. My GP at the time, Dr David Easton had the foresight to refer me to a sports physician, Dr John McKee; and he said that all the problems were stemming from my feet.

Poor foot posture and biomechanics he stated or as I later found out… Poor Foot Posture, Crummy Feet that didn’t support me and my sport too well.

So he referred me to a Podiatrist (as of writing this she is still practising). She made me custom foot supports (orthotics) for my feet and shoes, advised on footwear changes into more comfortable shoes, gave me some exercises and stretches. Within three months all the shin pain had gone and I was back playing my passion… fast bowling and playing cricket. And fingers crossed I haven’t had problems since. Yes I still wear custom foot support and comfort shoes to this day.

So inspired by the help that I received as 15 year old and the impact it had on my life at that time, I thought that this be something I could do. Being a typical 17 year old school leaver, not really knowing where life was going … I went into Podiatry. Motivated by the experience of helping people to get back on their feet.

Tell me more...

Over the years I worked in nearly all sectors of Podiatry except for the teaching/ university institutions. I’ve own and sold businesses. I have had many great experiences with creating more harmony in client’s body posture, relieving foot pain and improve their foot posture, walking and running. This is really rewarding. Particularly years down the track where you see a client who still thank me for how I had helped them. The greatest thing about being a Podiatry practitioner is the significant impact I can have on some-one’s life when they are in pain and can’t perform at their best. Some of the examples are typical of who we see at the clinic.

People such as…

Active women who suffer from painful feet, tired and aching legs who is looking for treatment and more comfortable shoe option.

A runner, marathoner or triathlete athlete or sportsperson who has foot injuries.

A baby boomer who wants to keep active and pain free so they can perform, prevent the onset of premature aging and arthritis, do their travels, cruises and overseas treks, and know they will last the distance.

A young child whose parents are concerned and wondering are they doing the best as parents and giving their child the best they can in treatment when they have flat feet, “growing pains”, tired and aching legs or if they look clumsy when they walk.

Even people looking for better comfort shoes and runners to do their activity and keep themselves active.

This is the reason why I do what I do. This is the reason for Your Podiatrist Brisbane. Best results in the shortest possible time. A destination place for custom orthotics, foot wear and more importantly foot pain relief. It’s also the avenue where I can have a positive impact on a person’s life. And create the quite amazing results people can have at times with the right custom orthotics, right footwear and the right exercises.

Outside of work… I am also a father of two rapidly growing daughters. I love to continually educate myself in the field of health, healing, running, footwear, personal development and leadership. I love camping, going to listen to live bands, kite surfing (when time and weather permits), I love to write and public speak, write books and poetry and exploring new ways of doing old tasks. (I love what the internet and technology has been able to do for our Profession)

Most importantly, one of the best things I look forward to is seeing you for your First Foot Posture Consultation and helping you relieve your foot pain, support you back to better posture and harmony.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know If I Need Orthotics?
Orthotics will only be prescribed if deemed necessary by your podiatrist following a thorough Biomechanical Assessment and Initial Consultation. Put simply, Orthotics are in-shoe devices used for the treatment of certain foot, leg and biomechanical abnormalities. Most commonly, they are used to alter the alignment of the lower limb(s) in order to change the way in which the limbs function, which may in turn reduce or eliminate the presenting symptomology.
Do I Need A Referral?
In most cases, a referral is not needed to see a podiatrist. However if you have a gold card with the Department of Veterans Affairs and Medicare Allied Health Care Plans/ EPC's will need require a referral from your GP.
Are The Podiatrists Experienced At Your Podiatrist Brisbane?
Our Podiatrists regularly attend ongoing education courses and seminars in order to stay at the top of their profession. We have the most up to date clinical diagnostic gait assessment to ensure you have the most up to date technology assisting you with your foot health, orthotics and foot pain relief.
What's A Posture And Gait Analysis?
The technical term for a Posture and Gait Analysis is called a biomechanical consultation. These can take up to an hour to complete and involve a thorough history taking, extensive physical and stance assessment (standing and lying), as well as comprehensive video gait analysis and Free Step Gait Analysis in our Gait Lab. In some cases this may include revision of previous diagnostic tests (x-ray/CT scan or MRI), and digital CAD scanning of the contours of the feet for orthotic fabrication. Patients leave the centre with a compiled biomechanical report folder, which contains all video gait analysis reports, exercise instruction sheets, CAD CAM foot scans, information brochures and recommendations (including footwear referrals).
Why Do You Use The Step Gait Analysis System & CAD/CAM Foot Orthotic Design & Fabrication System?
The Your Podiatrist Brisbane team uses the best system to produce customised foot orthotics. We have found a continuous dynamic assessment of gait/walking, such as walking on force plate treadmill (The Only treadmill of its kind here in Queensland and Australia) combined with an optical 3D scan of foot posture gives an extremely accurate 3D foot image. This enables the Podiatrist to design and manufacture a customised computerised orthotic that is more accurate, more comfortable, less messy and time consuming than the traditional model of plaster casted, hard plastic orthotics. The traditional model of orthotic design and manufacture were often less accurate, more uncomfortable and ineffective than what we demand for our clients and their foot health. We want to give you the best results in the shortest possible time using the latest in technology.
How Long Do I Have To Wait For My Orthotics?
We can make your orthotics within 24 hours of your first visit. Our standard time frame is 7 days but we can do 24 hour service for you at an additional fee.
Do You Accept Private Health Funds?
Yes we are covered by private health insurance companies. You will need to check with your Health Insurance Company. We don’t do direct billing to your health insurance company. You can claim your consultations back through your health insurance.
Will My Private Health Insurance Cover Me?
All major Australian health funds cover podiatry services, so provided that you have this included in your type of cover, you will receive rebate from your fund. We recommend you contact your health fund to review your eligibility for rebate on Podiatry Services prior to your consultation.
Do You Have Hicaps Onsite?
We believe in giving you the best results in the shortest possible time. Your Podiatrist Brisbane recognises this … and we like to give you some savings for your podiatry care and orthotics. We pass those savings onto you directly. We found that while HICAPS offer you convenience … convenience often comes at a cost. HICPAS takes a % each time we process your claim. Most practices pass this cost onto you the client. It’s built into your fees. Which we feel is not fair. So we want to make visiting us and purchasing custom orthotics from us, a simple and easy decision for you. We want you to “say yes!” We provide the “convenience” for you with Hicaps and direct insurance billing.
What’s In The Initial Consultation?
The Initial Consultation will take approximately 50 minutes (a little longer than the time taken for a General Consultation). Your podiatrist may need to conduct a thorough taking of your medical history as well as gaining all the information about your presenting complaint. In some cases the consultation may involve reviewing of any previous diagnostic tests such as x-rays, CT or MRIs. Your podiatrist may also wish to review your footwear and any additional correspondence from medical practitioners. A Biomechanical Assessment or foot posture assessment will be conducted. You may also be referred for imaging (x-ray or MRI) or for the purchase of prescribed footwear prior to returning for follow-up appointments.
What Should I Bring On My First Visit?
It is best to bring anything with you that you believe relates to your presenting issue, as it will considerably assist your podiatrist in providing you with the most accurate diagnosis and treatment. You should bring any diagnostic test results (x-ray, MRI, blood test results etc), which may relate to your complaint. Also bring your 3 most frequently worn pairs of shoes, as the wear pattern of these may provide your podiatrist with a lot of information. If you have had orthotics in the past then we recommend that you bring those as well.
What Does It Cost?
Your initial consultation is $97. Costs will vary dependent on the type of consultation and treatment that you receive. If you are covered by a private health fund.
Does Medicare Cover Me?
Medicare will cover some, but not all patients for Podiatric Services. As a part of the Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) Program, Medicare will only provide podiatry cover to a select few patients with long standing chronic conditions such as Diabetes, Cardio-Vascular disease, chronic arthritis, visual impairment and a handful of other diseases that will significantly affect your feet and lower limbs and your ability to care for them. As per Medicare’s guidelines, EPC patients must be given a referral from their GP, and are only entitled to a maximum of 5 visits per year. You should speak with your GP to discuss your eligibility or contact us for further enquiries.
How Do I Know If I Need Orthotics?
Orthotics will only be prescribed if deemed necessary by your podiatrist following a thorough Biomechanical Assessment and Initial Consultation. Put simply, Orthotics are in-shoe devices used for the treatment of certain foot, leg and biomechanical abnormalities. Most commonly, they are used to alter the alignment of the lower limb(s) in order to change the way in which the limbs function, which may in turn reduce or eliminate the presenting symptomology.

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